8mm Film to DVD Transfer Service

Why you need to transfer Cine Reel, 8mm film, 9.5mm Film & 16mm film to DVD or MP4 file?

If you have any old 8mm film, 16mm film or other cine reel lying around your home, we can help by converting them into a newer DVD or any other digital format! Tips4VideotoDVD will transfer your old videotapes to the storage format of your choice (DVD, USB, SD Card, External Hard Drive).

Standard consumer videotapes such as VHS, VHSc, Hi8 tape, and Betamax tapes and Broadcast formats videotapes, PAL or NTSC formats can also be transferred to digital formats such as MP4, MOV and AVI.

8mm Film to DVD, 9.5mm Film Transfer Service in The United Kingdom – Transfer or Conversion for Cine Reel to Digital File Format.

8mm film to DVD UK Experts,16mm film conversion to DVD in The UK, TIPS4VideotoDVD is your best choice for excellent and quality 8mm film transfer service. Ideal studio for 8mm film, 9.5mm film & 16mm film conversion to digital for people living in The United Kingdom.

If you need any help, please call Julius, our customer service representative on
and he would be happy to help.

8mm Film to DVD Transfer Services.

8mm Film to DVD

8mm Film to DVD & MP4

Cine Reel to dvd

Cine Reel to DVD & MP4

9.5mm Filml to dvd

9.5mm Film to DVD & MP4

How Does It Work?

Step 1.

Find the tape(s) you want to transfer to DVD or Flash Drive/HDD. We can convert any videotape to digital formats of your choice.

Step 2.

Send all tapes you want to convert to DVD or MP4 file to our address below.
Video2Digital Studio
173a Walsgrave Road,
Coventry CV2 4HH

Step 3.

Once the project is completed, we would return both the DVD(s) and the Original Tapes sent.

Why us for Cine Reel, 8mm & 16mm Film to DVD?

  • We offer Quality Video transfer service.
  • Minimum order is £25, but discount on bulk order.
  • Customer-friendly, provide Video-Data Protection.
  • We return DVD(s) or memory stick & the original reel.
  • If for any reason we cannot transfer your 8mm film to DVD, 9.5mm film to DVD & 16mm film to DVD as requested due to tape being blank, we offer a refund less return postage charge.
  • We provide special video editing service including cover design service if required, please call to discuss your requirements.
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Videotape to Digital Useful Resources.

You may want to learn how to get those trasured memories captured on tape to modern MP4 file format or just know why it is important to get them converted to digital file formats now

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Other videotapes we can transfer to DVD or MP4 file format include:

vhs to dvd VHS-C Camcorder Videotape Conversion to DVD, USB Flash Drive, and Hard Drive Video 8, HI8 and D8 Videotape Conversion to DVD, USB Flash Drive, and Hard Drive
VHS Video tape converts to file Mp4 VHS-C tape converts to file Mp4 HI8 and Digital8 tape converts to file Mp4
Betamax (Beta) Videotape Conversion to DVD, USB Flash Drive, and Hard Drive Betacam and Betacam SP videotape conversion to DVD and digital video files for editing Digi Beta, Beta SX and MPEG-IMX videotape conversion to DVD and digital video files for editing
Betamax tape converts to MP4 Betacam and Betacam SP Pro tape converts to File MP4 Digi Beta, Beta SX and MPEG-IMX tape Conversion to File
DV and DVCAM professional videotapes conversion to DVD and digital video files for editing video to dvd transfer D2 videotape conversion to DVD and digital video files for editing
DVCAM tape Conversion to File DVC-PRO (25/50) tape Conversion to File D2 tape Conversion to File
D9 videotape conversion to DVD and digital video files for editing home movie conversion MiniDV Videotape Conversion to DVD, USB Flash Drive, and Hard Drive Foreign NTSC DVD Conversion to NTSC DVD, Bluray Disc, USB Flash Drive, and Hard Drive
D9 (Digital) tape Conversion to File MiniDV tape Conversion to File MP4 Foreign (NTSC) DVD Convert to (PAL)

Serving areas include:

Audio Transfers All kinds of audio tapes; cassette, open reel, vinyl records and more. To CD or MP3.
Beta (Betamax) tips4videotodvd.co.uk is the UK Beta specialist, covering rare international variants and PCM audio too.
VHS (VHSc) All international variants fully covered. Digital Timebase Correctors used for the best results.
Unfinalised DVD Extracting from unfinalised DVD-RW, DVD-Ram, camcorder mini DVDs and more.
Video 8 Hi8 Digital8 Quality results from the best equipment in the UK and international variants fully covered.
MiniDV / HDV / DVCam Transfer to or from digital tapes. Our supported HDV are 1080/60i, 1080/24p, 1080/30p, 1080/50i, 1080/25p and more.
DVCPro Conversion We do not shy away from transferring rare DVCPRO format like others.
microMV Conversion International variants covered, and help with microMV editing too.
Betacam / Betacam SP and Digital Betacam Excellent results at a much lower cost than the London based companies, international variants covered too.
Philips VCR , VCR-LP (N1700) and SVR tips4videotodvd.co.uk is the possibly only transfer service in the world specialising in all variants of these tapes.


16/12/2018   42 Videotapes got converted to DVD in 5 days!.

Well pleased with the quality of videotapes transferred to DVD for us, and most especially satisfied with the speed of delivery as the delivery time was perfect fit for the purpose.

Khan from Dunstable
19/08/2018   30 Years old Wedding Video Captured on 8mm Cine Reel now on DVD.

I have just received mum & dad 30 years old wedding video captured on 8mm Cine Reel that was sent to The Imaging Professionals for processing last week. Thanks, Julius for the swift service delivery and just to let you know that this will make a good present for my parent this Christmas. Many laughable moments inside the video!

Angelina from Solihull
09/10/2017   They converted my old tapes to DVD.

Loved the service and the work. They converted my old tapes to DVD which work great with very high quality. They also created a DVD with a slideshow of pictures of me and my brothers as kids with my late Father. It's very precious, thank you.

Phill from Dudley
15/01/2018  I received excellent video to DVD conversion service.

I received excellent service. They are experts at converting video to DVD. They know what they are doing I am impressed. I took a professional DVCam tape to them to be converted to MP4. My dad was so excited because we almost gave up! Thank you. The Imaging Professionals.

Bernie from Coventry
02/04/2017  VHS Videotape Editing Service.

Wonderful owner and excellent work. Got my editing done for my presentation for work. It was ready the next day AND they did a great job. Thanks again!.

Stephen from Walsall
20/04/2016  Video Editing and Rendering Service. ( File Format for Utube upload)

The quality video provided has got many views on youtube and this has driven traffic to my website.

Richard Allan from Rugby
15/02/2016  Holiday Video to playback DVD

I was directed to The Imaging Professionals by one of the customer service representatives at ASDA supermarket. Never knew there is a local video to DVD transfer studio in Coventry. The overall picture quality was superb and cannot ask for a better one. I will definitely recommend you to my other colleagues at work.

John Smith from Leamington-Spa
25/10/2015  Video Editing Service

Julius, thank you for your interest and care with our project. You were exactly what I needed, and we are very grateful.

Mike Wrenshall from Luton
07/09/2015  Video to DVD

Julius, I have been watching the DVDs over the past few days. Great job! Nice to know that a record exists to remind us of how beautiful the house was, and how talented Reg was in his day.

S Bithrey from Walsall
02/09/2015   Family Home Movie Transfer to DVD

We had movies from 40yrs ago and have not been able to view them for over 30yrs, some we had never seen. We thought on a few occasions of throwing them away, as they looked so bad and we had nothing to show them with. I am sure glad we didn't and that we found your service. We now watch them in DVD format and they look great.

Paul Begin from Manchester
04/06/2015  VHS Home Movie Transfer to DVD

My name is Jack Wall. I play with a local group and over the years we've had to work with various companies to produce pictures and video that advertise the CD's we produce. Recently I had a chance to meet a company called TIPS4VideotoDVD -The Imaging Professionals which I contacted to transfer some of my own home video tapes to a more modern media. Years ago I had transferred some old 8MM film to tape by actually taping the screen onto a VHS tape and I was afraid these tapes were going to deteriorate over the years. I'd swear that he could reproduce it better than the original and that may not be possible but it sure looks that way. If anybody asked me I'd use their service again in a minute so I recommend Tips4VideotoDVD - The Imaging Professionals anytime you want to transfer film, video, pictures or sound, of any kind, to a more modern media.

Jack Wall from Coventry

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